• Dulce Dotcom

    Dulce Dotcom

  • Esther Ichugo

    Esther Ichugo

  • Ashley E. Barrett

    Ashley E. Barrett

    University of Pennsylvania '19, The Unseasoned Podcast, Follow me on twitter

  • Mino Akhtar

    Mino Akhtar

    Wall Street escapee, retired, grandmother, coach, speaker, writer, blogger on peace, transformation and reclaiming our insaniyet (humanism)

  • ALIBI X Nation

    ALIBI X Nation

    ALIBI X is a brand that lives in truth in todays society while pushing entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Write Your Own Story... #TheDigitalBlackWallStreet

  • saman rahmanian

    saman rahmanian

    Founder of Caspian, Co-Founder of @ManagedbyQ, Partner at Prehype

  • Jerome Espy

    Jerome Espy

    Detroit based freelance writer and entrepreneur. Positive citizen, kidney recipient and social media geek.

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